Pain:  You may experience cramping like a menstrual period or slightly stronger. Contact your provider if your pain is more severe or is not relieved by the prescribed treatment.

Bleeding: Expect vaginal bleeding for up to two weeks following the procedure.  Contact your care provider if bleeding is very heavy or there are large clots.

Infection:  Your provider may prescribe an antibiotic following a surgical abortion to avoid infection.  Until your doctor advises you that it is safe, don’t engage in sexual intercourse, use tampons, douche, take a bath, or swim.

Signs of an infection include running a fever over 100.4 or vaginal discharge with an odor.

Follow up appointment: Two to three weeks after the procedure, you should have an appointment with your healthcare provider to verify that the abortion was complete.

Emotions:  Many women experience a variety of emotions following an abortion which can be magnified by hormonal changes.  Let your provider know if you have these symptoms or they worsen.  The Pregnancy Help Center has Professional Licensed Counselors as well as a class to help with post-abortive healing.

Menstrual period: Periods normally resume within 4-8 weeks after an abortion. Pregnancy can occur soon after an abortion.  Don’t become sexually active until your doctor approves it.